Be the Master of Your Emotions


You must be the master of your Emotions if you wish to live in peace, for he who can control himself becomes free.

– Sean Brown

The body is the processor of Emotions.

  –  Dr Joe Dispenza


E-motion is energy in motion if it’s not that is when dis-ease sets in!

We are more than 70% water – water is programmable, water has memory.

Every breath you take, every thought you think, every emotion you feel or not has a Vibration, a Frequency and because we are more than 70% water the body hears it all – it gets ‘programmed’.

Time goes by yet nothing changes – different faces, different places yet the same patterns – the same energies.

Feelings of not good enough, arrogance, self loathing, doubt, fear etc are Ego based

Feelings of worthiness, self love, confidence, knowingness etc are Soul based

Soul based thoughts, feelings and therefore actions are your direct connection to Source (God, Creator, Field – you choose) – it eliminates the need for judgement, separation and polarity as all the Soul and Source know is Love.

It starts with healthy Self Love which heals the pattern of self betrayal.



New Years Resolutions Suck – Part 2

 New Years Resolutions Suck – Part 2

Mexico NY’s sunset


Went into a Mexican town near where I am staying to this restaurant that served the best shrimp ever.  We got the lat table and parking space as it was busy in this area with a New Years Day celebration going on al over and people were every where!

I got to watch the people having fun, playing, eating, celebrating – what joy!  Then I got to watch the sunset – and that is one of my most favourite things to do is watching the sun rise or set – such beauty and in the moment!!

New Years day in Mexico


Now that we know from Part one why New Years Resolutions suck – what can we do differently to make sure 2017 doesn’t turn out like 2016, 2015, 2014 and so on!

We all have things we want to improve on, work towards, change or let go of – go ahead and make that list of those things.

Now ask yourself why?  Why is it I want to have, be or do those things……..keep asking yourself why or even what will it mean?

When you’ve gone as far as you can now dig a little bit and ask how you will feel when you get there.


I want to lose 5 lbs


Because my clothes won’t feel so tight

What does that mean to me?

I can wear more of my clothes and feel better in my body.

How does that feel when I think of myself being able to wear more of my clothes and feel better in my body.

I will feel more confident, more attractive, healthier……..

What you are truly going for is the feeling or essence of what you desire – if there is no emotion behind it, there is no energy and it will not happen.


I want to lose 5 lbs


because, I do

Yes but why?

I don’t know, so I can fit in my clothes but it never happens, this probably won’t be any different this time (you may be thinking as well)

How will that make you feel?

I don’t know, better……


See the difference, better yet FEEL the difference.

Get some energy behind what you truly desire not just in New Year’s Resolutions but anything in life – E-motion is Energy in Motion – if there is truly just nothing there there will be nothing there.  Time to spend some time and get real and honest with yourself.  I you want to lose 5 lbs but have no interest in doing anything different and really don’t care if you first into more of your clothes or not – then just be honest with yourself so that later on you don’t have an excuse to mentally or verbally beat yourself up.

On you have the why, the emotion and the energy behind it – then you will more naturally move in directions that will help you on that path – all of a sudden some of your cravings may go down, or you just aren’t as interested in eating some of those foods, or tv well what a waste time lets go for a walk, get out in nature or do some stretching become a priority.

Pay attention though – you may get tested a few days in – go back read our why, the emotions and you may need to really bring those feelings to the forefront again as since we are human beings it can be easy to fall back into old patterns and programming – it takes minimum 21 days to change a habit / pattern as we are creating neuro-pathways.

I know you can do it though – you’ve got it in you.

Why settle for mediocrity where there is so much more out there!!

You deserve it!!

I’e got your back as I’ve been there before!!

Have an amazing day and get in touch with your why and feelings!!

Life will never be the same!




For al little more on this I will be doing my first FB live later today – will keep you posted on time!



The Dark Night

The Dark Night

The Dark Night



There are moments in life, or at least my life when things seem to be dark…….of course it could be my only my perception.  Not a depression so to say, just when things seem tougher, a struggle or emotions are coming up.

It could be too that I have been selling and giving away almost all of my belongings, all my things including my home, the last to go is my car and it’s any day now.

Yup – everything.

Tell me that doesn’t bring up one’s shit………..judgments, fears, stories, etc

It’s been kind of bittersweet to be honest.  Saying good bye to antiques I’ve had for years, one’s that I refinished and I love.

Oldest bar in New Orleans


Letting go.


My friends know and most understand or get it to a certain degree what I am doing.

Many people don’t know exactly what I am doing except I’ve been talking about going travelling.

Something I’ve talked about since I was in my teens.

Honestly I’ve never been out of North America…………..

November and December have been raining and grey – perfect time to go within and let go.


All the old crap that doesn’t serve me any longer, the stories, belief systems, types of work or doing things that don’t align with my soul.

I have been paying attention to what has been coming up for me – emotions, memories, sadness, excitement, overwhelment, doubt and probably everything else.

What has been great is I’ve had many awarenesses and have bee able to let go of some triggers, old childhood stories that no longer served me – when that happens you start to feel lighter, freer and more empowered.  You start truly connecting with your true essence or your source energy.

Old Gate



I have been watching The Leo King and Kaypacha Astrology reports and man it’s paralleling me right now!!

The whispering of my soul, my heart had been calling me, ever so quietly, then louder and louder – the new chapter is beginning!

Always through the dark night the light will shine again especially if you keep moving forward, breath and know this too shall pass!!

Can’t wait to share my next post with you as the new journey begins!!

Create a magical day!!

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