Raw Granola Recipe

Raw Granola

Raw Granola

Raw Granola

This recipe takes a little bit of time to make- but it’s worth it – it’s so tasty and delicious and I don’t eat cereals!!  This just keeps your healthy foods recipes tastier! Each time I make it I make a big batch as my kids love it and it will last in a sealed container / jar.  I also switched it up a little so it’s never really the same twice. The raw granola recipe can also be  a great variety to the raw food recipes for beginners and kids.


–         5 cup Buckwheat Groats –soaked in water for approx 24 hours changing the water at least once, make sure you add about 2 inches more of water over the groats as they will soak some of it up

Raw Granola

–         ½ cup raw Almonds sliced or chopped – soaked in water for 24 hrs

–         1 cup raw Pumpkin seeds – soaked in water for 24 hrs

–         11/2 cups Raisins – soaked for 24 hrs


Once all is drained, put into a big bowl and stir together.

Add in

–         3 tsp Vanilla

–         2 tsp Cinnamon

–         ½ cup Agave or Honey

–         3 tbsp Rice Bran Solubles – optional (Purium – slow burning carb that is germinated so nutrient dense and pre-digested)

–         1 cup mashed Blueberries (or 1-2 grated Apples or any other fruit of your choice)


Mix well

Raw Granola

Spread out on dehydrator sheets on the plain screens


Dehydrate for 12 – 24 hours (depending on dehydrator, thickness of the cereal and how crunchy you like it)


Once done add in some of your favourite things like shredded Coconut, Hemp seed (I add that in when I eat it as I keep mine in the fridge) or anything else that you like.


Great topped with mixed fruit and Cashew Whip or just add in Almond Mylk.

Raw Granola

The raw granola recipe is tasty and nutritious.  It’s also a great variety to the raw food recipes for beginners and kids. Adding more “live” raw foods to your diet doesn’t really have to be complicated. There are actually a number of ways to add more raw foods to your way of eating. If you want to learn how to do them right, I am available for a personalized coaching session. Simply contact me through or by phone 778-836-2922. I am also giving away free copies of my book, Amazing & Tasty Raw Recipes that are Easy to Make [Kindle Edition] starting 10/27/2014 to 10/29/2014. This book contains tasty raw food recipes that require little preparation time. So, watch out for the free download dates to get your own copy.

Olive Spread with Dandelion Flax Crackers

Olive Spread with Dandelion Flax Crackers

Olive Spread with Dandelion flax Crackers

A nice, light, tasty, vegan and raw spread!  Black olives (pits still in ) are raw (unless they come in a jar) .

This recipe started out like a tapenade but I took it further and I think tastier 🙂

Not only is this good on crackers but also through it in a romaine leaf  – still healthy and tasty.

In the hotter weather eating lighter I find I prefer doing and snacking more often – this makes it easy.

Olive spread


Olive Spread

Olive Spread


–  1/2 cup Almonds soaked for at least an hour (optional – soaking is optional, health wise it is better to soak the almonds even for several hours plus it softens them a bit, tight on time – you don’t have to soak them)

–  1 cup black Olives – pit removed

–  2 cloves Garlic

–  1 cup Parsley

– 5 – 6 Basil leaves

–  juice of 1/2 Lemon

–  2 tbsp cold pressed Olive oil

–  pinch Salt & Pepper

Throw all ingredients into processor and process and process.  I did not do it until it was fine – I left it kind of course  – process until desired consistency.


Dandelion Flax Crackers

Dandelion flax Crackers

When I make raw crackers I love experimenting with flavours, so they usually never taste the same!! I also use what I have been juicing or have on hand.  I was juicing Dandelion leaves in the spring here as it’s good for detoxing the liver and I saved the pulp to make crackers with.  I did the recipe again as not only did I love them so did everyone who tasted them – no one believed it was with Dandelions but I think the spices I used added great flavor.

These are vegan and raw and were created in a dehydrator – in the oven could be done but at the lowest possible temperature and it may not be low enough to be raw.


–  2 cups ground Flax

–  11/2 cups Dandelion pulp (left over from juicing – if you don’t have a juicer you can always use a Vitamix or Blender – throw in the Dandelion leaves and some water and blend then strain it)

–  1 cup Water ( a little more may be needed – you want somewhat thick consistency so not to funny but not stick either – as you mix it together)

–  1 tsp Himalayan Salt

–  2 tsp toasted Cumin Seed (that has been ground to a powder – it’s used in Indian dishes)

–  Caraway seeds (optional)

Mix all together.  You can let it sit for a couple of hours or over night and have it a bit fermented, or you can spread it on the dehydrator sheets (with the teflon sheets so nothing falls through)

Spread evenly then score it into crackers the size you would like.

This is where I like to add a little more Caraway seed and sprinkle some coarse Sea salt but that is totally optional.

Dehydrate for 6 – 8 hours, flip the sheets over and remove the teflon sheets and dehydrate until you like the crispness – usually 2- 4 hours – I like crispy crackers so I do them longer – these times are just guidelines depending on the dehydrator, the size, the temp. so check in till you get what you like.  I find once I flip them I don’t need as much time on the second side.

Dandelion Flax Crackers

Hope you try these and enjoy them!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please feel free to share this – it’s always greatly appreciated!!



Herb Salad

Herb Salad

Quick, Easy & Tasty

–  1 head of Red Leaf Lettuce

– handful or more of finely chopped Parsley, Dill & Basil (I used Cilantro here but use any herbs that you love)

– 1 Red Pepper cut up


-1 Tomato  cut up

or both

Squeeze fresh Lemon juice and sprinkle cold pressed Olive Oil

Depending on how many people you are going to serve is how much you will add (if you use a whole head of lettuce or part of it).  Make extra to take for your lunch the next day if need be.