Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day!!! Enjoy the day, have fun and be safe – use extra sunscreen lotion for sure today!!! JB

Why Work From Home??

Why Work From Home?? Some people have that dream, some don’t and some don’t care either way – Most people though want more out of life but may be scared to make the changes needed. I have had the pleasure of working on my own for several years now, but most of that was still […]

Celebrate Life Today!!

Celebrate Life Today!! I was back home this past weekend and got to help my Nanny Celebrate 90 years young!!! How lucky am I?? Instead of waiting for milestones to celebrate life, living or anything – what could you do today to celebrate life – YOUR life? The fact that you got up and are […]

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions Now I know it’s coming up close to the end of January not the beginning and you are probably wondering why I am still talking about NYs Resolutions……….. Did you make any?? How is it going for you?? If you are serious about making 2013 YOUR BEST YEAR YET – then I […]


It’s Friday………… Make it Fun, Fabulous and Feisty…………why??? Because You can if YOU choose to!!!! JB


Surrender……. to what is Let go of what was Have faith in what will be and move forward anyways!!!

Be Willing to Let Go……

Be Willing to Let Go…..   We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us….. Joseph Campbell

Aren’t You Worth a Better Life???

Conditions of People For the last several weeks, I have been educating myself in an area, I hate to admit, but I knew little about……..finances. Now, we all think we know things, but in reality most of us don’t, as 85% of Canadians are in debt, spending $1.45 for every $1 we earn and I […]