Raw Spiced Pear Crisp

Raw Spiced Pear Crisp

Raw Spiced Pear Crisp


I used to love baked Apple Crisp – now I love the raw kind 🙂 Pears jumped out at me the other day and I thought why not!!? And why to create it a little different with a little spice.

Healthy eating made easy and adding in a little more live, raw foods that are tasty – you don’t have to give up things that you love, you just come to it in a different way.

Some of our health concerns come directly from our way of eating – making changes for our health can be easy!

This is raw (which is also really live foods and whole foods) vegan and gluten free – yes!! 🙂


–  4-6 Pears  sliced or cut up into chunks (skins on or off it’s up to you, I preferred most of them off)

–  Juice of 1 Lemon

–  2 – 3 Agave

Stir all together well.

I like putting the pears in a shallow baking dish.


Throw in the rest of the ingredients into a processor or blender and pulse coarsely

–  2/3 cups raw Walnuts

– 2/3 cup raw Pecans

–  1/4 cup Hemp Hearts

–  1 tsp Vanilla

–  1/2 tsp Cinnamon

–  1/2 tsp Nutmeg

–  1/2 tsp Ginger (i did use powder in this recipe)

–  pinch Himalayan Sea Salt

–  4-6 Madjool Dates (optional – I like it either way – the dates will help the mixture stick together better)

Pour the mixture over the sliced Pears so that it is evenly spread out.

The best part is it is ready – no baking!!

I love adding in Cashew Whip as a topping.



Eat Well

Live Healthy

Create a Life YOU Love




Raw Lemon Macaroons

Raw Lemon Macaroons

Raw Lemon Macaroons


Great raw – vegan snack for lemon and coconut lovers!! Easy to make, but a dehydrator is needed to maintain being raw.  I have fallen in love with Macaroons lately and have been playing with recipes that I love!!  I hope you will too!!

 Raw Lemon Macaroons


–  4 cups flaked Coconut

–  2 tbsp Coconut oil (Purium has an amazing hand poured organic Coconut oil)

– put in processor and process until creamy

Add in

–  1/2 cup Agave

–  1 tsp Vanilla

–  juice of 1 Lemon – I even added a little bit of the pulp (optional)

–  1/4 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

Stir in

–  2 cups shredded Coconut

Mix well.

Take by the spoonful and place on dehydrator sheets (you can also make balls and flatten out a little – whatever works best for you)

Dehydrate for 12 – 24 hrs

Enjoy and enjoy!!!

Eat Well

Love Healthy

Create a Life YOU Love!!


PS – Feel Free to use a $50 Gift Card towards any Purium product – i.e. like Purium’s Organic Coconut Oil – small size or big size!!


Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Now that we are in December and with Christmas right around the corner, I thought this short video would be appropriate in explaining what sugar does to us!

I know all the bake goods that come out as I did that for many years – but slowly I started changing that as come January – with the extra weight, or sluggishness it wasn’t worth it to me.  Don’t get me wrong – I still love the odd shortbread 🙂  but knowing what’s in it and what it does to my body isn’t a good enough pay off to eat them really for me.

Sugar really brings NO nutritional value to the body and steals from the body at the same time. Sugar really is an addiction.

I’m sharing this video with you today so maybe December will be easier with the plates full of baked goods AND I will be posting several healthy alternative, easy yet tasty raw / vegan deserts coming up – I promise you won’t be disappointed or feel like you are missing out on anything with these treats!!



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Pumpkin Raspberry Parfait – Raw Style

Pumpkin Raspberry Parfait – Raw Style

Raw Pumpkin Parfait


I love the colors of fall – the reds, yellows and oranges – and Pumpkin!  never thought of making something from raw Pumpkin before but thought why not – and it turned out yummy.  With the left over Pumpkin I made a smoothie with hemp milk, banana, cinnamon, dates and L.O.V.E. and was it yummy!!

Raw Pumpkin is quite nutritionally dense – making healthy eating easy.  Pumpkin in it’s raw form is loaded with Vitamin A and potassium.

You (or your guests)won’t know that the pumpkin Raspberry Parfait is a raw desert – that’s the best part!!

Have a healthy and safe Thanksgiving weekend to my American friends and here’s a link to some raw Thanksgiving recipes from the Canadian side!

Raw Pumpkin Parfait

Pumpkin Puree


–  1 small to medium size Pumpkin – insides scraped out, seeds could be washed and dried and baked in oven or dehydrator if wanted for yummy snack)

Pumpkin will need to be cut up into small pieces and the outer skin taken off.

–  1 tsp Cinnamon

–  1 tsp Nutmeg or Pumpkin Pie Spice

–  1 tsp Vanilla

–   pinch Himalayan Salt

–  1/4 – 1/2 cup Water

–  4 tbsp Agave (or other natural sweetner – adjust to taste)

Throw all ingredients into Vitamix or Blender and slowly add water until desired consistency – you want it kind of thick not too runny, it may take scraping down the sides a few times and a little bit to get fairly smooth


Raspberry Puree

–  small package fresh Raspberries

–  1/2 in grated Ginger

–  2 tbsp Agave (or other sweetener)

Raw Pumpkin Parfait

Cashew Whip


–  1 cup Cashews

–   1 tsp Vanilla

–  2 tbsp Agave (or other natural sweetener)

–  4- 6 ice cubes

–  1/4 – 1/2 cup Water


Throw all ingredients in Vitamix or Blender except the water, slowly add the water until desired consistency is achieved – you don’t want this too thick or too thin.

Get a parfait or wine glass and put in layers starting with the Pumpkin puree, then the Raspberry Puree, Cashew Whip, chopped Walnuts and repeat.

Eat and Enjoy!!


Raw Pumpkin Parfait

Chocolate Strawberry Macaroons

Who said you can’t eat sweets and they be healthy as well.

Chocolate Strawberry Macaroons

–  2 cups Dried Coconut

–  1/2 cup Brown Rice flour

–  1/4 cup ground Flax

–  1/2 cup Honey

–  1 tsp Vanilla

–  Pinch Sea Salt

–  1 cup diced Strawberries

Mix all ingredients together except for diced Strawberries, when well mixed stir in strawberries.

Roll into balls and place on teflex sheets on shelves in dehydrator and dehydrate for 5 – 7 hrs.  Remove the teflex sheets after approximately 3 – 5 hours.


–  1/4 cup Cacao Butter

–  1/2 cup Cacao Powder

–  1/2 cup Honey

–  1 tsp Vanilla

pinch Sea Salt

You can either dip the macaroons in the chocolate or drizzle over them.  Chill and keep in fridge for best results.