It’s Friday…………


Make it Fun, Fabulous and Feisty…………why???

Because You can if YOU choose to!!!!


In My Life………

In My LifeIn My Life

As I look back on my life………..

I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something even GREATER!!!

Has that happened to you??


Daily Inspiration

Thought for today…………

Daily Inspiration

If you are always trying to be normal – You will never know how amazing YOU can be!!!!

Make it a great day!!!





to what is

Let go of what was

Have faith in what will be and move forward anyways!!!

Be Willing to Let Go……

Be Willing to Let Go…..


We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us…..

Joseph Campbell

New Beginnings

Have you ever really had to look at your life and have an honest hard to hard talk with yourself about what is working or not working in your life??

No matter what area?

Whether it be business, money, relationship, where or how you are living, career or job?

Or have you put your head in the sand hoping things will change or accepting this as the way things are and you are powerless to change it?


What is the definition of insanity?

Keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results or things to change………..

Do you know whatever it is in your life that YOU and only you have created it?

I know the first time someone said that to me I said ‘You got to be kidding me, really?? I created this shit??  I don’t think so, cause I would have created something better!!’

But you know what?

I did create it and once I really accepted that, well….lets say I then could create something better.

Isn’t it time to let go of the old, the things not working, or the things that you don’t desire to have in your life – no matter what??!!

You ready??

Make it a great day!!!!


Start Your Day

Start Your Day

How do you start your mornings?

Is it anything like this – Wow, another day of living woo hoo??  What glorious adventure am I going to create today?

How am I going to create my day in a way that is fun and expansive?  How can I create my day so I get everything I desire?

What else is possible?  I am going to be happy no matter what!!

How does it get better than that??


Ugh – another day!

Oh I have to do this and this and this………

Oh never enough time, I got so much to do, nothing ever gets done…..

I wish I could call in sick today……

Not again.

Or a few variations of those………are any of those familiar to you?

Who do you think is having fun or a way better day??

Some tools of Access Consciousness……..make sense?




Today…… I will live without any regrets!!!

Access Consciousness

Happy Belated Canada Day for my Canadian friends and Happy early July 4th for my American friends and Happy Day everywhere else!! 🙂

I hosted an Access Consciousness ™  workshop this past weekend and I just had a deep sense that my life and the way I looked at it may never be the same again and boy was I right!!!

Access Consciousness (tm)is a dynamic set of tools, techniques and philosophies that can change any area of life, are available to you.

Needless to say I had an amazing weekend – I had some major shifts as in my life will probably not ever be the same again, had my eyes opened up and many points of views challenged……..which is a good thing!!

If you haven’t heard of Access yet, I recommend starting with having your Bars run…….yes sounds funny but my god is it good – the worst is you may only feel like you had a good  massage.

If you have been trying to make shifts in your life and it’s just not working….take a peek, if you are ready take a look here for a Facilitator near you who can run The Bars or more!!

Anyone is my area – I can run your Bars for you and I am Facilitating workshops coming up soon if you are interested in learning more!

The mantra for Access is – All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory (tm)- isn’t that the way it should be??

Making Connections

Making Connections

Making Connections

When was the last time you connected… the beauty surrounding you, you, your body, your food??

Are you able to see the beauty around you, within you, your food, your body??

Take a minute today, breath and just soak it all up……the beauty around and within you…….as there is so much of it!!!


Body Talk

Body Talk

Body Talk

Our bodies talk to us all the time, we only really hear it or listen (maybe even then) when it is screaming at us in pain.

Did you know our body is actually communicating with us ALL the time?

Do you know who we are isn’t really our body?

What do I really mean by that?

Lets take a house as an example – you live in a house (or apartment, condo, tent whatever), you decorate it, maybe paint it, add a reno here or there etc.  Just like a house – our souls or beings are living in a body, but we aren’t really our bodies I know, it kind of seems weird but stay with me here.  If we started talking to our bodies more often – it’s incredible the feedback and guidance we can receive.

Weird eh??

But think about it, how often do you have a ‘gut feeling’ about something?

How often have you walked into a situation and your body told you “Get Out’ or ‘Yes I want more of it” ……get the picture??

How often do you hear that whisper, that nudging, that inner guidance to do something, go somewhere, call someone etc……how often do you listen to it?? When you do what happens?? Probably some good things.  How often have you not listened to it and then caught yourself saying or thinking ‘Oh man I should have……?’


Think about it for a minute.

How about taking it a bit further.

By talking to your body and asking it questions every day – all the time……do you think that would open up some things?

I mean we are really good at criticizing it aren’t we??

My thighs are too big, my butt is too lumpy, my back hurts, I need to lose weight blah blah blah – you are talking to it then!!!

Instead ask it things like –

‘Body what would you like to eat right now?’

Body are you hungry or thirsty?

Body what would make you feel good right now?

Body what type of clothing would you like to feel today?

Body what do you want to wear today?

Body how can I better communicate with you today?

Sounds weird I know but guess what…….it works!!!

This is coming from someone who has spent little time in her body in this lifetime, how do I know that?

If you are busy thinking about the past, the future, what you could have or should have said, day dreaming, trying to figure things out, etc you are not in your body very often……you are in your head more!

Try talking to your body today and giving it what it wants……you might be quite surprised at the outcome!!!

Happy Solstice!!!!