It’s Friday………… Make it Fun, Fabulous and Feisty…………why??? Because You can if YOU choose to!!!! JB

In My Life………

In My Life As I look back on my life……….. I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something even GREATER!!! Has that happened to you?? JB

Daily Inspiration

Thought for today………… If you are always trying to be normal – You will never know how amazing YOU can be!!!! Make it a great day!!! JB


Surrender……. to what is Let go of what was Have faith in what will be and move forward anyways!!!

Be Willing to Let Go……

Be Willing to Let Go…..   We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us….. Joseph Campbell

New Beginnings

Have you ever really had to look at your life and have an honest hard to hard talk with yourself about what is working or not working in your life?? No matter what area? Whether it be business, money, relationship, where or how you are living, career or job? Or have you put your head […]

Start Your Day

Start Your Day How do you start your mornings? Is it anything like this – Wow, another day of living woo hoo??  What glorious adventure am I going to create today? How am I going to create my day in a way that is fun and expansive?  How can I create my day so I […]

Access Consciousness

Happy Belated Canada Day for my Canadian friends and Happy early July 4th for my American friends and Happy Day everywhere else!! 🙂 I hosted an Access Consciousness ™  workshop this past weekend and I just had a deep sense that my life and the way I looked at it may never be the same again […]

Making Connections

Making Connections When was the last time you connected… the beauty surrounding you, you, your body, your food?? Are you able to see the beauty around you, within you, your food, your body?? Take a minute today, breath and just soak it all up……the beauty around and within you…….as there is so much of it!!! […]

Body Talk

Body Talk Our bodies talk to us all the time, we only really hear it or listen (maybe even then) when it is screaming at us in pain. Did you know our body is actually communicating with us ALL the time? Do you know who we are isn’t really our body? What do I really […]

Lighter vs Heavier

Lighter vs Heavier You’re probably thinking I am talking about food and I sort of am, but I have been introduced to a cool tool that you can use with food or anything in your life. The truth will always make you feel lighter and a lie heavier….now that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a […]