For me Smoothies are easy to make, great way to start the day and also an incredible way to get more leafy greens into one’s diet and we all need more of that!!!

Here is a basic recipe

couple of bananas ( they add favor and a little more creamier texture, Iadd some frozen and fresh)

couple handfuls of greens (switch them up but you can add spinach, lettuce, parsley, collard greens  kale to name a few)

you can add another fruit if you like as you do want it to taste good, it’s good to add lots of blueberries or berries of any sort, they are full of antioxidants, add flavor and color.  I don’t hesitate to add a good cup of berries or more.

Add fresh water,  when I put the fruit and greens in I usually fill it half with water or a little less.

Blend it up and you have a great green smoothie.

You can add any kind of fruit you wish, experiment for your taste. If you like it creamier use can use a nut mylk, try and stay away from dairy here.


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  1. Do enjoy your tips and recipes, Jodi. I was really glad for the one above as I was wondering what I could do with the almond pulp. Imagination is one thing, but something tried is better:-)

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